We write and edit bids that help to…

  • up your score by building strong responses that provide exemplary answers to questions
  • impress reviewers by focusing on what matters to them
  • showcase your proposition by writing clear, readable content that’s easy to navigate
  • simplify the complex by pitching methodologies to suit the audience
  • promote a cohesive organisation or JV through consistent tone and style

Compliant bids rarely win business. Winning bids offer more than the minimum; they provide absolute confidence to the buyer that they’re picking the right partner: someone who’s paid careful attention to the requirement and written a bespoke response that resonates, and has a team that will add value and is already contributing ideas. Great bids address the commercial, capability and cultural needs of the client, and it’s those bids that stand out as the lead contenders to win the new business.

At BidWrite we understand what makes a winning bid because we’ve written hundreds of them. We provide a flexible service to help you not only put your best foot forward, but well ahead of the competition. We can run your bid from start to finish on your behalf, we can join and support your own bid team at the outset, or we can get involved later in the process when you’re reviewing your submission and need a fresh pair of eyes. We offer graphic design, formatting and print finishing too. Whatever you need, we can help you pitch perfectly for your next job.

Recent Bids

Recent Bids
£150m central London mixed-use construction scheme: bid writing and editing
London’s new £4.2bn ‘super sewer’: nine months bid writing and content strategy, part of a 50-strong bid team (London)
Provision of commercial cleaning services to trust-wide GP surgeries: bid strategy, writing and submission management (Kent)
Major new motorway and bridge for South Wales: bid writing, content strategy and editing (Cardiff)
Design and build of largest university student accommodation in ten years (Sussex)
Installation of fibre optic throughout Ireland: red review and editing services (Hertfordshire)
Provision of HHCRO gas installation services for major utilities provider (North East)
Bid writing and sub-editing for the construction of the unique new Garden Bridge spanning the Thames at Temple Station (London)
Design and build of largest university student accommodation in ten years (Sussex)
blue-edge-icon  Delivered through bid agency Blue Edge



Producing original, compelling and well-crafted bid content that expresses confidence and capability, and focuses on benefit and value to the client.


Sub-editing content to fit word counts, while keeping the message intact and effective. Clients receive a document that complies with their submission criteria and is free of errors and inconsistencies.


Coordinating the submission and everyone involved in it: managing contributions, drafts, reviews, revisions and final upload or print. Every tool, trick and system to get your bid together and over the line on time.


Tamer of the beast that is Microsoft Word formatting, so that you don’t have to throw your computer through the window and your bid looks as good as it reads. Also skilled in design and typography, and using professional design software like InDesign.


blue-edge-iconBidWrite is a friend of Blue Edge, one of the brightest and best bid-winning agencies in the UK. Where we offer primarily writing and editing, they grow major bid campaigns from seedling to success — from research and win strategies, memorable branding and complex project management to print and multimedia submissions.


Since modern marketing began, great graphic and information design has supported great writing. From icons and images to diagrams and tables, professionally created visuals make the complex more understandable, promote brand consistency and cohesion, and add interest to the submission. We create smart, sharp graphics that earn their place in the bid and respect the client’s need for clarity and conciseness.


Clear and simple navigation is an important part of the reviewer being able to follow the narrative and spot the key messages — and therefore mark your bid successfully. Consistent style and formatting makes your bid easier to read and easier to score.

We’ve spent many years wrestling with Microsoft Word’s seemingly possessed styles, section breaks and text wrapping so that you don’t have to, and we’ve got it firmly pinned down. We’ve also got a commanding grasp of professional graphics packages like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop — software that is increasingly making its way into the bid environment.


Paul Sharville is the director and lead bid writer at BidWrite. He has been writing professional bids for fifteen years, for clients with businesses ranging from translation, software design and FM to waste management, construction and civil engineering.

He’s been a professional writer for over twenty years, including journalism, speech and script writing, but has divided the majority of his working life between being a marketing copywriter and a bid writer. He’s also done stints as a design studio manager and creative director. Paul’s bid writing career began when he was a marketing director for an FM services company. He built a bid department from scratch, took on a heavy bid calendar and raised their average win rate to 80%. He has tendered for projects ranging from £100k to £4bn.

Paul has spent more than his fair share of time writing bids at 3 am surrounded by empty pizza boxes, an anti-social habit he learned to break, which is why he’s now able and qualified to advise others on writing successful bids during the hours of daylight (mostly).